People's Choice:
"Objective Nature of Scientific Research"
Krishna Suresh

Best Primary Research:
"Super Strength: How Carbon Fiber Will Shape Our Future Consumer Products"
Tyler Baumgartner

Best Collaborative Research:
"Building Project Teams Through Collaborative Research"
Scott Cundiff
Christian Deck
Jacob Dial
Jonathan Frost
Nathaniel Moore
Brandon Plaster
Katie Reid
Carlos Ribot, Jr.
Jason Robertson
Russell Saputo
Justin Shultz
Anthony Smith

Best Remediation To Presentation Design:
“Yeas and Nays for MENA Migration to Europe”
Anna Poznyak

Best Visualization of Research:
“Evaluating the science behind ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’
Zachary Burman

Best Creative Project:
“Touch the Music Podcast”
Justin Zhong

Most Innovative:
“Transculturation in First Year Composition”
Rebekah Sims
Hadi Banat