Introductory Composition at Purdue (ICaP) Office
Heavilon Hall, Room 302
(765) 494-­3730
Secretary: Joy Kane
If you have course questions or conflicts, please see Joy Kane, the secretary of ICaP. She can direct you to speak with the appropriate person.

English Department Office
Heavilon Hall, Room 324
(765) 494­-3740
You may need to visit the English Department main office if the ICaP office is closed. The main office is also where you might find lost & found items.

Purdue Libraries
If you're taking an ICaP course, odds are you'll spend some time doing research through Purdue Libraries.

Purdue Writing Lab
Heavilon Hall, Room 226
(765) 494­3723
Scheduling Platform:

The Writing Lab offers many free services to students, faculty, and staff. Central to the Writing Lab’s services are one­-on­-one tutorials for students at any stage in their writing process. Tutors can offer you a second reader’s response to a draft, help to see if you understand an assignment, answer questions you might have, review grammar rules you might need, help you with planning or revising your paper, assist with learning how to search the Web for information for papers, or work with you on other writing concerns. Writing Lab staff will not 1) offer an evaluation of your paper or a possible grade or 2) proofread your paper.

The tutors are ready to help you learn how to proofread or to help you see what categories of error to proofread for, but they will not go over your paper and correct the errors for you. The core of a tutorial is talk—conversations about ideas you might have for a paper, dialogue that leads you to answer your own questions, and talk that helps you refine your ideas and ask the questions you have about a draft of a paper or an assignment.

You may come to the Writing Lab at any time in your writing process. Your tutorial will be more effective if you bring something you’ve written and your assignment sheet and if you have a clear idea of what you want to work on. Your instructor may recommend that you see a tutor and perhaps offer you some guidance on areas of your writing in which a tutoring session might help. However, if you have no paper, no assignment, and no idea of what you want to work on other than a vague wish to improve your writing, it is hard to accomplish anything worthwhile.

The Writing Lab offers consultations 9:00AM–6:00PM on Monday through Thursday, and 9:00AM–1:00PM on Friday. You can call 494-­3723 to make an appointment, or try to make a same-­day drop­-in reservation after 9AM. Writing consultations are also available in the Hicks Undergraduate Library on Mondays from 7:00–10:00PM, in Meredith Hall on Wednesdays from 7:00–10:00PM, and in the Latino Cultural Center (times to be announced). For more information, please call 494­-3723 or visit Whenever you visit the Writing Lab, be sure to bring your student ID.

The Writing Lab offers the following services in addition to tutorials:

    OWL (Online Writing Lab)
    This website has over 100 handouts on writing skills that you can refer to or download. There are also online workshops on writing research papers and writing resumes, podcasts that offer additional information on the writing process, a YouTube channel that hosts lots of videos on different elements of the research and writing process, plus suggestions for how to search the web effectively, and links to useful references and the most commonly used search engines. Visit OWL at The OWL mail feature allows anyone to submit questions about writing. The OWL also provides a direct link to OpenStudy, a website for students to ask and answer questions.

    Computers for Student Use
    All of the computers in the Writing Lab are connected to the Internet, and while some are reserved for tutorial use, others are available (when not being used for tutorials) for student use.

    Study/Writing Area
    When there are unoccupied tutoring tables, students are invited to use that space for writing or studying, and they are invited to use any of our reference materials and to ask questions about writing.

    ESL Conversation Groups
    If your first language is not English, you may join an ESL Conversation Group, hosted by The Writing Lab. At the conversation group you’ll meet new people, learn more about different cultures, and discuss topics of interest to you and to the group. A Writing Lab consultant will assist the group with vocabulary or expressions you may not know. You do not need to make an appointment to join a conversation group; drop­-in times are posted on the Writing Lab website