Purdue Writing Showcase: An Undergraduate & Graduate Digital Media Symposium

What is the Purdue Writing Showcase?

Every spring, the Introductory Composition and Professional Writing programs at Purdue University host a Writing Showcase. The Writing Showcase is a day-long symposium that displays posters representing the year’s most innovative print and digital projects produced by English 106 and 108 students, professional writing students, and instructors.

Why should I participate?

The Writing Showcase gives you the opportunity to:

  • Professionalize and share your work
  • Demonstrate your research and creativity
  • Network with other undergraduate leaders

Many members of the Purdue community, including university deans, department heads, professors, graduate and undergraduate students, and even President Daniels attend the Showcase! Sharing your work in this forum provides you the opportunity to network with these individuals and to professionally share your research and writing, skills that will be important to you both in your future courses at Purdue and in your future careers. Also, cash prizes will be awarded for the winning posters in 10 categories!

In which categories can I submit my poster?

You can choose one of the following categories to submit your poster. You will be considered for a prize only in the category that you enter.

Undergraduate Prize Categories:
  • Best Remediation to Presentation Design
    • This prize is based on how well you recreate your original project for a visual display.
  • Best Integration of Multi-Media
    • This prize is for projects that include both print and digital media.
  • Best Primary Research
    • This prize is for projects that include any form of original, primary research.
  • Best Visualization of Research
    • This prize is for projects that utilize primary and/or secondary research and display the audience, purpose, method, and results of that research.
  • Best Creative Project
    • This prize is for any poster that displays an original composition and explains the rhetorical situation of that creative work.
  • Best Collaborative Project
    • This prize is for projects completed by more than one student. At least two members of the group should contribute to the Showcase version of the project.
  • People’s Choice
    • All projects will be automatically eligible for this prize and will be based on Showcase attendees’ votes.
Instructor Prize Categories:
  • Best Assignment Scaffolding Design
    • This prize is for posters which demonstrate how an instructor has planned, structured, and executed an assignment cycle. It will be evaluated based on how the various concepts, activities, and lessons of an assignment cycle work together to help students to meet ICAP outcomes.
  • Most Innovative Syllabus Approach Application
    • This prize is for posters which demonstrate specific innovations that an instructor has developed within his/her syllabus approach to reach ICAP outcomes.

Joint Instructor/Student Category:

  • Best Visual Narrative of Process
    • This prize is for a joint student/instructor poster that depicts the student’s experience revising his/her composition and working with his/her instructor, the Writing Lab, and/or another Purdue resource.
When is the Writing Showcase this year?

13 April 2017 | Stewart RM 302-306 | 10:00-3:00

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in Showcase either by nominating yourself, or by your instructor nominating you. Please click here to sign up for Showcase!

What should I include on my poster?

Exactly what you include on your poster is up to you. However, think carefully about the public audience who will be viewing your work. What details do your readers need to know about your project? How can you organize these details into appropriate sections on your poster? What should you include on your poster that will distinguish it from the others in your prize category? What makes your project unique? How can you represent your original work in a visually appealing and professional way?

Remember, that your poster will stand out if looks unique while also remaining professional, well-organized, and clear. It would be smart to include large, clear titles for each section of your poster and to not overwhelm your audience with too much text. It is always a good idea to include visual elements on your poster, provided that they are clearly relevant to your project.

Your poster will be set up on its own small table, so if you would like to bring a laptop to display a digital component of your project in front of your poster, that is great!

Your English instructor, or a tutor at the Writing Lab, would also be a valuable resource in helping you to design your poster.

Where can I get more information?

The November Showcase Showcase is taking place Thursday, Nov. 10 in HEAV 320 at 9:30-12:00 P.M.

The Purdue Writing Lab will also hold a Writing Showcase call-out on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 in HEAV 320 at 9:30-12:00 PM. At the call-out, you will have the opportunity to ask any further questions you might have, and to share your project ideas with other undergraduates and writing tutors. You can also contact the Assistant Director of Introductory Composition, Erin Cromer Twal, for more information.

Display from past Writing Showcase