Reaching Beyond the Classroom with English 108-S

Every semester, specialized sections of introductory composition take on the theme of “Engaging Public Discourse.” These accelerated courses ask students to think about public issues and community contexts beyond Purdue’s campus through community engagement.

English 108-S courses can take a number of formats: A class may partner with one community organization, developing projects to meet organizational needs. Students may individually volunteer in the community and write reflective projects related to their service. Assignments may ask students conduct research and take action on community-based issues. In each of these forms, community engagement encourages students’ civic participation and real world applications for learning.

If you are interested in community engagement or teaching 108-S:

ICaP is currently accepting applications to teach ENGL 108-S for Fall 2018. Instructors teaching the course will be required to enroll in English 680: Experiential Learning and Engagement in the fall as a seminar and practicum on community engagement pedagogy. If you think you may be interested in teaching English 108-S sometime in the future, we also encourage you to take this excellent course with Professor Bay.

To apply to teach English 108-S, send an application email to by Wednesday, March 21 addressing the following:

  1. Why you’d like to teach an service-learning/accelerated course
  2. Your background, experience, or interest in community engagement or community service
  3. Ideas you have about community partnerships or assignments you would be interested in developing for your 108-S course
  4. Whether you would be able to take English 680: Experiential Learning and Engagement in the fall, or have already taken it.

If you have any questions about teaching 108-S or the application process, please reach out to Carrie Grant, Assistant Director of Introductory Composition ( or Bradley Dilger, Director of Introductory Composition (