ICaP Showcase Winners, 2017–2018

Bailey Galema’s presentation for her creative project, “The First One”

Thank you to all of the students and instructors who presented at the 2018 Writing Showcase! We’re pleased to announce our award winners:

Student awards

Best Remediation to Presentation Design
Claire Bailey, “The Impact of the Work Environment on Employees”
Irwin Weiser, Instructor

Best Multimedia Project
Sam Conkle, “Purdue Half Marathon Review”
Lauren Mallett, Instructor

Best Primary Research
Taryn Coyle, “The Benefits and Feasibility of Implementing an Open-Interaction Model at Natalie’s Second Chance Dog Shelter”
Joe Forte, Instructor

Best Visualization of Research
Felix Fernandez, “Artificial Intelligence: Humanity’s Most Powerful Tool”
Ashley Matney, Instructor

Best Creative Project
Bailey Galema, “The First One”
Daye Phillipo, Instructor

People’s Choice
Amy Santos, “Ally Politics in Eco-Feminism: Activism without Cooption”
Victoria Ruiz, Instructor

Instructor awards

Most Innovative Syllabus Approach Application
Joshua Galat, “Engaging the Community: Composing Through Service Learning”

Best Application of Pedagogical Theory
Bianca Batti & Alisha Karabinus, “Composing Through Play”

Best Assignment Scaffolding Design
Derek Sherman, “Intersectional Research: Digging Deeper”

Thank you

Thank you to the Purdue students and ICaP instructors who shared their writing and digital media with us today. We really appreciate your hard work.

Thank you to the ICaP staff, especially Carrie Grant, Joy Kane, and April Pickens, for the logistical work which made Showcase a success.

We appreciate the support from the College of Liberal Arts, and our sponsoring publishers: Pearson, VanGriner, Bedford/St. Martin’s, Fountainhead, and W. W. Norton.

And thank you to our friends in Professional Writing, who’ve announced the awards for their Showcase too.