ICaP showcase to merge with Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference

Photo credit: Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference

Big news: we are merging the ICaP showcase with the Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference. This not only gives our students opportunities to present their work to larger crowds, but opens up new possibilities for accolades, awards, and recognition.

We’ll also now have two opportunities to participate if we want, as there is a fall exposition as well as the major conference in the spring. This year, our focus will be  the spring event, scheduled for April 9. Some of the participation process will stay the same—students will complete applications to participate, then present a research poster—but there are a few key changes you should be aware of:

  1. Instructors are no longer required to nominate students. Students must apply to enter.  Instructors can (and should!) encourage participation.
  2. All research posters must be formal, printed posters. No more science-fair style trifolds!
  3. Students must write a (brief) abstract to enter. These abstracts are included in a book encapsulating all submitted projects.
  4. Categories for entry have changed slightly. Students can now enter in multiple categories.

We are confident  this new partnership will benefit our students. They will be exposed to student research projects on a much broader scale, and have the chance to participate in something much larger as well.

So what does that mean for you and your students? If you are already teaching a research poster, encourage fall semester students with strong projects to apply for presentation at the spring conference. You and your students can get more information on our Undergraduate Research Showcase site, including resources for writing the abstract, and revising and printing posters. Get them registered! If you need help with any part of this process, ICaP staff is prepared to assist. We’d love to see a huge turnout. 

If you are not teaching a research poster, don’t despair! Any student project can be presented on a poster. Please see our resources for help in transforming a project.

Questions? Contact the ICaP staff.