Spring 2019 syllabus prep materials ready

Everything instructors need for spring syllabus preparation is now ready. We’ve made no changes to common assignment instructor guides, and we’ll be using the same syllabus review checklist from the fall. Remember, all ICaP courses must include one of these five common assignments in Spring 2019. (For those teaching online 106, English 106-Y, we’ve already shared materials by email.)

Please use the checklist in the construction of your syllabus to ensure you’ve included all the necessary details. If you get stuck, check Linda Haynes’ syllabus template, developed last fall. (Again—no changes.) This template, based on materials given to new instructors, offers everyone a second way to check their syllabi and provides robust examples of policies and possibilities. Not sure how to frame something? Check the template for examples.

There are two changes instructors should keep in mind, however:

First, instead of emailing syllabi to Dilger, we’ll ask you to fill out this Qualtrics form, which allows you to submit multiple syllabi at once (if necessary). We think this will make processing syllabi easier for us.

The second change is a required addition for your calendars. In Spring 2019, we will be asking all ICAP instructors to participate in two program-wide assessment norming, reading, and rating sessions. We will have sessions both before and after Spring Break, with multiple time slots to minimize schedule conflicts.

  • Mon Feb 25, 12:30p to 3:00p
  • Thu Feb 28, 9:00a to 11:30a
  • Fri Mar 01, 10:30a to 2:00p
  • Tue Apr 02, 9:00a to 11:30a
  • Wed Apr 03, 2:30p to 5:00p

Please plan to attend at least two of these five sessions. If necessary, you may cancel classes to facilitate the time needed to participate. We will share the locations and specifics at Convocation (including some incentives for participation). For now, please make the appropriate plans in your course calendars.

Need something else? Let us know. We welcome instructor feedback and continued suggestions for resources which can support teaching.