English 108

ENGL 10800, Accelerated First-Year Composition

ENGL 10800 is an accelerated composition course that, like ENGL 10600, satisfies the Written Communication and Information Literacy requirements of the university core. As in ENGL 10600, students should expect to produce approximately 7,500-11,500 words of polished writing (or 15,000-22,000 words, including drafts). Some of this text production may be done using multimedia, and some of it may be composed in short assignments.

Because it meets two or three times a week, without the regular instructor-student conferencing sessions of ENGL 10600, student success in English 10800 requires (a) more self-efficacy and self-regulation; (b) strong writing skills and/or prior writing experiences, and/or (c) the focused content provided by learning communities.

There are three versions of ENGL 10800:

  • ENGL 10800, Accelerated First-Year Composition: The standard version of ENGL 10800. Some sections are taught by English faculty.
  • ENGL 10800-S, Accelerated First-Year Composition: Engaging in Public Discourse: In the sections of ENGL 10800 tagged with an “S,” students work with public writing and community service and can expect to engage in some local community activities outside the classroom. This is an excellent course for students interested in pre-med, nursing, health care, social services, political science, or any career that involves service to others.
  • ENGL 10800-R, Accelerated First-Year Composition: Learning Community: ENGL 10800 sections tagged with an “R” are used by select Learning Communities where a 4-credit hour course would be difficult to schedule and where content is tightly focused, facilitating acceleration. See above for details

All versions of ENGL 10800 are acceptable for students who have transferred ENGL 10100 to Purdue and who still need to complete a composition requirement for their program or core.

Sample syllabi from Fall 2018: