Common assignment pilots

During Spring 2018, ICaP is piloting six possibilities for a common assignment to be implemented across all ICaP courses in Fall 2018. If you are interested in participating in one of the pilots, please contact Carrie Grant (

Common Assignment Pilots and Materials

  1. Professional Email Assignment
  2.  Rhetorical Analysis
    • Pilot leaders: Alex Long (, Daniel Ernst (, and Carrie Grant (
    • Rhetorical Analysis Instructor Guide
      • Assignment overview: Students write a ~3 page paper analyzing the rhetorical choices of a text
      • Timing: Assignment given twice during semester–once with no instruction at beginning of the course, once with a full course unit
      • Grading: Common rubric to give ICaP, flexible rubric format to give students
  3. Research – Literature Review
  4. Reading Annotations
  5. Writing Portfolio
  6. Information Literacy Essay