Summer teaching

Summer teaching in ICAP is offered to graduate students who express interest based on the following criteria:

  1. Seniority. The longer students have been in our program, the MORE likely they are to be offered summer teaching.
  2. Previous summer teaching. Students are LESS likely to be offered teaching if they have previously taught in summer. Teaching in any area of the department is considered.
  3. Number of years left in program. Students are MORE likely to get summer teaching if they have only one or two years left in your graduate program.
  4. Incompletes. Students are moved to the bottom of the list if they have one incomplete in a graduate course. Students with more than one incomplete are ineligible.

Teaching is offered to limited term lecturers only if the available pool of graduate students has been exhausted.


For 2019, offers will be made beginning April 5, 2019. The teaching roster will be locked May 15. All ICAP courses run during the second eight week term, from June 10, 2019 to August 2, 2019.

  1. Using the criteria, the ICAP director ranks those who express interest. Offers are made using those rankings.
  2. Students offered teaching are required to apply for the Summer PRF grant, if they are eligible.
  3. Students who are offered a Summer PRF will have their offer of summer teaching rescinded.
  4. Students will be able to change their minds and decline summer teaching, no questions asked, until the last day of the Spring 2019 semester, when the teaching roster will be locked so that final preparations can begin for the start of classes.
  5. ICAP will begin working immediately with everyone offered teaching regarding preparations, training and planning for videos, etc.

Teaching in absentia

Teaching in absentia is possible in some circumstances:

  1. Students teaching online for Purdue English for the first time are expected to be in residence while they are teaching, whether during the summer or the regular school year.
  2. In the case of experienced online teachers, teaching in absentia, for all or part of any term, requires a strong record of teaching and successful progress towards degree.
  3. Graduate teaching assistants must apply in advance and in writing, explain the need for this request, and include the consent of their major professor. Students will need to complete a request for a “Change of Duty Station” (RLA form), which must be approved by the relevant program director, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Graduate School.
  4. Graduate teaching assistants teaching in absentia are expected to maintain their visibility within the Purdue community, and to commit to high levels of communication with the Department.
  5. Such students must make all necessary arrangements for network access, accommodation of time differences, and account for any other predictable eventualities caused by travel and distance.

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