Syllabus review

Every ICaP syllabus is reviewed by a team of ICaP instructors, staff, and administrators from the Department of English. For Fall 2018, please submit syllabi by August 13th at noon to Bradley Dilger for review. Syllabi received earlier may be reviewed earlier.

Please use the Fall 2018 syllabus checklist (PDF) to complete your syllabus. There are minor changes from Spring 2018:

  1. The course description requirements have been updated to include a more robust description of selected syllabus approach and how the SA is enacted in the course.
  2. Attendance policy requirements have been simplified.

New this year—we have also added a syllabus template (Google Drive folder) for your use should you so desire. The template includes examples of policies and language you might want to use or adapt for your own syllabus. Your syllabus does not have to be in this form; this is only for informational purposes (and for those who’d prefer a template). Thanks to Linda Haynes for putting the template together.

Please email Bradley Dilger your syllabus as an attachment. (No need to use FileLocker as in the past.)

  1. We prefer .docx, .doc, or .odt to facilitate review, but .pdf is okay as well.
  2. Please use a filename which begins with your lastname and first initial, e.g. “reingoldd-106-fall-2018.docx”.
  3. If your syllabus and calendar are separate, no need to merge them.
  4. If you’re teaching more than one course, one email including syllabi for all your courses will suffice.

Questions? Contact us.