Online English 106

In cooperation with Purdue’s Digital Education and the Center for Instructional Excellence, we’re developing English 106 online using the Digital Rhetorics syllabus approach.

For Spring 2018, seven sections will be offered, scheduled in the second eight weeks (March 5 to May 5, 2018).

English 106 online (English 106-Y) is identical to traditional 106 in key aspects:

Please review our sample syllabus to learn more. Students interested in English 106 online should have the ability to work at the pace required for an eight week course. We recommend the course for fluent English speakers confident in their writing and time management. English 106–I remains the best choice for second language students.

The following statement is included in the course syllabus. Students considering online 106 should read it carefully and consider if the course is a good fit:

Online course expectations

A virtual course is likely very different from other courses you’ve taken at Purdue. In an online course, your only contact with your instructor and classmates is through email, discussion boards, chat rooms, and web conferencing. This requires that you check your email regularly, maintain open channels of communication, and ask questions when necessary. You can’t fade into the background in this course: you have to participate in all discussion boards and forums in order to pass.

Not only is this section of ENGL 106 entirely online, but it is also condensed into the second eight weeks of the semester. This course will be intensive and fast-paced. It will require time management skills, as well as a commitment of several hours of work per week for reading, researching, writing, revising, and engaging in collaborative activities. Do not let yourself fall behind on course material, as it will become difficult to catch up very quickly. We recommend that you maintain a calendar and to-do list for the class, and schedule time each week to complete assignments and projects.

Furthermore, some computing software and hardware is required:

  • Laptop or desktop computer with Windows Vista or higher, or Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher (for WebEx and other software)
  • Video camera and/or microphone
  • Software that can open PDFs (such as Acrobat or Preview)
  • Microsoft Office, Apple’s office suite (Pages, Keynote, etc), or Libre Office
  • A high speed internet connection is recommended

Questions? Please contact us.